Rocky Mountain Weed Management, LLC


~ We offer many types of weed and pest control all over the front range area. Listed below are the primary counties we operate in, but we do service other areas by special arrangement so feel free to call.

Regular Service Area:

Weed control services for large properties (1 acre and up) in the Colorado Counties of El Paso, Douglas, Teller.  Other areas by special arrangements.

~ We offer several types of weed control applications based on the needs of the customer. Here are some of the different types of services that we can provide.

Services Offered:

Noxious Weeds Application

The State of Colorado has recognized a list of specific weeds to be non-native and invasive. These weeds can overtake native areas and choke out the desirable plant species growing there. Some of these weeds are harmful to livestock or wildlife either through ingestion or by overtaking an area and reducing the amount of forage. This application targets these noxious weeds while leaving the grasses untouched so they can replenish themselves. Colorado State Noxious Weed List.

Bare Ground Application

This is a non-selective application that is geared towards the complete elimination of all weeds, grasses or woody plants in areas where no plant material is wanted such as gravel storage/equipment areas, horse arenas, rock beds and fence lines.

Pasture Restoration/Fertilization

The dragging of a harrow over a pasture to prep the soil for over seeding to help establish new grass growth and fill in sparse areas.  Fertilizing pastures to help existing grasses grow to their full potential.

Rangeland Application

This application is for pastures, open spaces, native areas and meadows and is designed to eliminate undesirable plant material which lets the native grasses grow to their full potential.
Pasture before application

pastureAfterPasture after Application

Improved Turf Application

This is a selective application that targets weeds in turf areas, or irrigated areas, such as athletic fields, common areas, cemeteries and golf courses.

Pre-Emergent Application

This application is applied early springtime and targets newly developing weeds in their germination stage to keep them from growing and is usually applied in combination with a Bare Ground application.

~ Michael is a Certified Arborist with the International Society of Arboriculture and also offers:

Arborist Consultation

The inspection of a tree, or trees, to determine the overall health in regards to insect, disease or environmental damage. Recommendations are then given as to how to proceed with the care of the tree(s).