Rocky Mountain Weed Management, LLC

About Us

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Mission Statement:
To be the selection of choice for property owners/managers seeking weed control in pastures and large native area applications with emphasis on quality results, professional service and environmental responsibility.

Rocky Mountain Weed Management, LLC was founded in 2009 and specializes in the management of weeds. Some of the most common applications are: Bare Ground, Rangeland, Noxious, and Improved Turf Areas

Rocky Mountain Weed Management, LLC is locally owned and operated in Colorado by Michael C Finlay and is licensed as a Qualified Supervisor with the Colorado Department of Agriculture in the categories of; Agriculture Weed Control, Rangeland Pest Control, Industrial & Right-of-Way Weed Control, Turf Pest Control and Outdoor Vertebrate Control.
Michael also is a recognized Certified Arborist with the International Society of Arboriculture. His Colorado Department of Agriculture Qualified Supervisor license includes Forest Pest Control, and Ornamental Pest control.

After graduating from The Pennsylvania State University with a Forestry degree in 1980, Michael Finlay started working in the tree care industry on the east Coast in the greater Philadelphia Area. Over the next 5 years the types of tree work were expanded to logging in Maine and Colorado, residential tree care in Denver and Colorado Springs.

In 1988 Michael moved to Colorado Springs to help start a tree care division with one of the bigger lawn care companies of the time in the area. At this time he started to take an interest in the management of weeds in turf areas.

In 1993 Michael was in on the development of the first Noxious Weed application programs for El Paso County roadsides, the United States Air Force Academy native areas and in 1994 for Fort Carson native areas. Since then he has increased his knowledge and experience with weed management in pasturabout us-WeedsFearMees, trails and open space, equipment and RV storage lots, cemeteries, golf courses, HOA native areas and athletic fields.

To keep up with the latest in herbicide developments and weed species and how to manage them, Michael attends lectures and conferences during the year given by different organizations throughout the state of Colorado.

Michael still offers consultations on the health and care of trees in ornamental and forest settings.